20 years since the assassination of Rabin

Israel is currently marking the 20 years since the assassination of its fifth prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin z”l, (on November 4, 1995)   Several months before he was murdered, Yitzhak Rabin conveyed a message of […]


Stand with Israel in face of the wave terror

A new kind of terrorism striking Israel Over the last week, Israel has been faced with a new escalating type of terrorism: driven by instigators who play on emotions, spreading lies that touch on beliefs, […]


Fighting BDS

A program to fight BDS, launched by the Jewish Agency and supported by the Keren Hayesod, gives sutdents on campuses the tools to meet the strategic threat facing Israel and the Jewish people. The Keren Hayesod-UIA […]

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KH-UIA Annual World Conference

(Français) Chez nous, vous êtes chez vous. ​Deux cents leaders et donateurs du Keren Hayessod, venus du monde entier, se sont réunis du 16 au 19 juin à l’hôtel Cramim Spa de Kiryat Anavim pour la Conférence annuelle mondiale de cette organisation. Le tourbillon d’activités qui se succédaient du matin au soir comprenait des […]

Conférence Mondiale du Keren Hayessod à Jérusalem

Movie: World Conference 2015

All of the events in a nutshell ​The Keren Hayesod – UIA World Conference in mid-June was an exciting event that brought together KH-UIA leaders, donors and activists from around the world. The International Women’s […]